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Beginners Guide to the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

General steps to help you figure out what the CCR is and how to put one together for your community water system.

Read the following documents and webpages:

Go to How to Complete Your Consumer Confidence Report to create the most recent CCR draft for your system.

If you would like a CCR example, contact other community public water systems to request a copy of their CCR.

General CCR guidelines:

  • The report must include the most recent sample results.
  • The report only needs to include contaminants that were detected. Anything that is not detected (under the detection limit) does not need to be listed.
  • You must include information about disinfectant residuals.
  • You can format the report any way you want to in order to condense, re-order, or re-organize as you see fit. You must keep everything that is required and the tables must stay intact.

If you need copies of your sample results contact the lab that analyzed your samples or visit Texas Drinking Water Watch. A list of labs can be found at https://www.tceq.texas.gov/agency/qa/env_lab_accreditation.html.

If you have questions concerning the CCR, please call the Drinking Water Technical Review Team at 512/239-4691 or email PWSCCR@tceq.texas.gov. When you contact the TCEQ please make sure that you reference the PWS Name and ID number.