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How to Complete Your Consumer Confidence Report

Instructions for you to prepare your CCR, due July 1 of every year.

The document you create using the CCR Generator is not a complete CCR. It is your responsibility to make sure the CCR you send your customers is correct and consistent with the compliance data submitted to the TCEQ and contains all information required in the TCEQ publication Fees, Standards and Reporting requirements for Public Water Systems  The CCR is due to your customers and TCEQ by July 1 of every year.  

To create your draft CCR, follow these steps: 

    1. Go to the TCEQ CCR Generator
    2. In the Enter or Select Water System field, type in TX followed by your 7 digit Public Water System ID or find your PWS Name in the drop down menu.
    3. In the Select CCR year field, select the appropriate year.
    4. In the Select Report Format field, select from PDF, RTF or DOC (Microsoft Word). We suggest using DOC because most people have Microsoft Word on their computer.
    5. Select Generate Report to download your draft CCR. 
    6. Select Save As to save the report to your computer or Open the document then Save As. The document may be "Read Only" so you will have to Save As it before making any edits.


To edit your draft CCR, follow these steps: 


    1. Add the following statement in a prominent place on the first page: "Este reporte incluye informacion importante sobre el agua para tomar. Para asistencia en español, favor de llamar al telefono (XXX) XXX-XXXX."
    2. Add system contact information including system name, phone number, PWS ID, and contact name.
    3. Add the name of the aquifer, lake, river, or reservoir that your system's drinking water comes from.
    4. If your system was required to complete a Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) Level 1 or Level 2 Assessment or received an RTCR violation you must include the information listed in CCR reporting requirements for RTCR.
    5. If you received water from another water system, your provider, and your system is on a reduced sample schedule you must include the provider information on your CCR.
    6. Review the CCR you created to make sure all the information is correct. We suggest comparing the CCR to the information located in Drinking Water Watch https://dww2.tceq.texas.gov/DWW/.
    7. Deliver your CCR to your customers by July 1. Delivery requirements can be found at Distributing the Consumer Confidence Report.
    8. Fill out the Certificate of Delivery. Make sure to sign and date it2018 Community Certificate Of Delivery     2018 Small System Certificate Of Delivery
    9. Save a copy of the CCR and Certificate of Delivery for your records.
    10. Mail a copy of your CCR and Certificate of Delivery to TCEQ by July 1.

Beginners Guide to the CCR

What the CCR is and how to put one together for your community water system.

Distributing the Consumer Confidence Report.

Make sure you are distributing the CCR correctly

Texas Drinking Water Watch

Use this searchable database of analytical results and compliance data to learn more about the quality of your drinking water and your public water system's compliance with state and federal regulations.


If you have questions concerning the CCR, please call the Drinking Water Quality Team at 512/239-4691 or email PWSCCR@tceq.texas.gov. When you contact the TCEQ please make sure that you reference the PWS Name and ID number.