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Drinking Water Programs

Brief descriptions of the main program areas that administer the public drinking water programs of the TCEQ.

Drinking Water Quality

The TCEQ’s Drinking Water Quality Program implements and ensures compliance with state drinking water standards and the EPA’s National Primary Drinking Water Standards which the state has primacy over. Because of the complexity of these regulations, the program group is broken down into more specific program areas including chemical monitoring, microbiological monitoring, and data management, which ensures better management of the different aspects of public water system (PWS) source monitoring and the protection of public health.

Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP)

SWAP assists local communities in developing drinking water protection programs (Source Water Protection) and assesses susceptibility of the state's public drinking water sources (Source Water Assessment and Alternative Monitoring Guidelines).

Technical Review and Oversight

The Plan & Technical Review Section provides technical assistance to the public, TCEQ staff, and other state agencies. It reviews sanitary surveys of PWS systems to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. It also addresses plumbing issues for PWS systems, such as backflow prevention and cross-connection control.

The Surface Plant Evaluation program reviews complex engineering and disinfection protocol studies (CT studies) filed by the state’s surface water treament plants and participates in the Texas Optimization Program.