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Landscape Irrigation Rule Petition

Information on the current status of the rule petition and resulting agency actions.

Two carefully researched rule petitions were filed by the Irrigator Advisory Council. These petitions sought to:

  • Classify all irrigation systems as health hazards;
  • Eliminate the use of double check valves;
  • Add the use of Spill Resistant Vacuum Breakers;
  • Require that the backflow prevention assembly be tested after repair, replacement, or relocation;
  • Require the use of in-line filters or strainers as recommended by the manufacturers; and
  • Change “backflow prevention devices” to “backflow prevention assemblies.”

The TCEQ elicited comments from the regulated community and citizens of Texas via stakeholder meetings held throughout the state, questionnaires sent to water purveyors, and requests for electronically submitted comments. Please review the Summary of Stakeholder Comments. After careful consideration by TCEQ staff of all comments received, the following recommendations were made to the TCEQ Commissioners at the September 19, 2018, agenda meeting:

  • All irrigation systems should not be considered health hazards;
  • Research a minimum testing frequency for backflow prevention devices;
  • Double check valve assemblies should not be eliminated from use in landscape irrigation systems;
  • Spill resistant vacuum breakers should not be included for use in landscape irrigation systems;
  • In-line filters or strainers should not be included for use in landscape irrigation systems;
  • Change the use of the term “backflow prevention device” to “backflow prevention assembly”;
  • Require the testing of backflow prevention assemblies when repaired, replaced, or relocated; and
  • Amend Chapter 344 for better enforceability, consistency, and readability.

The Irrigator Advisory Council will gather data to support the recommendations; specifically, the minimum testing frequency.

Status updates on the rule petitions are provided at the Irrigator Advisory Council meetings.  (The meeting minutes will be posted when finalized.)

Anticipated key dates:

  • Proposal  01/15/2020
  • Public Comment 01/31/2020 - 03/03/2020
  • Adoption  07/01/2020

Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention

Information on cross-connection control and backflow prevention for public water systems and their customers

Current version of Landscape Irrigator's Rules (RG-470)

This publication is currently being revised with the updated 30 TAC Chapter 344 rules. After revision we will re-publish it on this webpage

TCEQ Regulatory Guidance 470 - Landscape Irrigator's Rules Compilation.

Current version of 30 TAC 344  

Texas Administrative Code Chapter 344 - Landscape Irrigation.

Commission Actions on Petitions filed by the Irrigator Advisory Council

Petitions filed by the Irrigator Advisory Council