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How to Notify Customers of a Community PWS of a Microbial Monitoring Violation

Step-by-step instructions for notifying customers of requirements for routine, repeat, or increased monitoring. Links to templates for preparing mandatory language as well as to related forms.

These instructions apply to you if you own or operate a community public water system. To notify customers of a nonacute violation of the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for coliform, you must:

  1. Notify customers within 30 days of when we notify you of the MCL violation. [Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) Paragraph 290.122(b)(2)]
  2. Use the mandatory language. [30 TAC Subsections 290.122(b)&(d)]
  3. Issue the notice in each of the following ways that is necessary to reach persons who are regularly served by your PWS [30 TAC Subsection 290.122(b)(2)]:
    • To each customer receiving a bill, issue the notice by mail or by direct delivery.
    • To other service connections to which your PWS delivers water, issue the notice by mail or by direct delivery.
    • To tenants, dormitory residents, nursing home residents, employees of local businesses, prison inmates, and other people who regularly receive water from your PWS but do not have service connection addresses, issue the notice by a reasonable method— for example, one or more of these methods:
      • Publish the notice in a local newspaper.
      • Post the notice in one or more conspicuous places in the area served by your PWS.
      • Post the notice on the Internet.
      • Give your customers who provide drinking water to others copies of the notice for them to distribute to their customers, employees, inmates, or tenants.
  4. Within 10 days of when you issue this notice, send a copy of the actual notice and the signed Certificate of Delivery of Public Notice to Customers to us by mail at:
    Drinking Water Quality Team Public Notice Coordinator MC-155
    PO Box 13087
    Austin TX 78711-3087
    or by fax to 512/239-3666 [30 TAC Subsection 290.122(f)].
  5. For as long as the violation exists, reissue the notice at least once every three months by mail or by direct delivery. This reissued notice may be mailed with the water bill. (If you posted copies of the notice, leave those copies in place until the violation no longer exists.) [30 TAC Subparagraph 290.122(b)(3)(A)] After each reissued notice, complete Certificate of Delivery of Public Notice to Customers as described in Step 4 and submit it to us with a copy of the notice issued.
  6. When you have corrected the violation, issue another notice in the same way you issued the original notice. [30 TAC Paragraph 290.122(b)(4)] Then, as described in Step 4, complete Certificate of Delivery of Public Notice to Customers and submit it to us with a copy of this notice.

If you have any questions about these instructions, e-mail us at PWSPN@tceq.texas.gov or call 512/239-4691 and ask to speak with a “Public Notice” expert in our Public Drinking Water Section.