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Boil Water Notification

Boil Water Notification Language

Public Notification Requirements

Boil Water Notification
  1. Notify TCEQ within 24 hours.
  2. Provide a copy of the notice to the TCEQ.
  3. Initial public notice issued if the turbidity of the finished water produced by a surface water treatment plant exceeds 5.0 NTU:
    • Notify customers within 24 hours.
    • Use the Boil Water Notification format as specified in §290.47(e).
    • Provide bilingual notification if appropriate.
  4. The notice must remain in effect until:
    • The water entering the distribution system has a turbidity level below 1.0 NTU,
    • The distribution system has been thoroughly flushed,
    • A minimum of 0.2 mg/L free chlorine residual or 0.5 mg/L chloramine (measured as total chlorine) is present throughout the system, and
    • Water samples collected for microbiological analysis are found negative for coliform organisms.
  5. Once the boil water notification is no longer in effect, notification must be issued in the same manner as the original notice was issued.
  6. Other protective measures may be required at the discretion of the executive director.

Boil Water Notice (BWN) Templates