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Monitoring and Reporting for Surface Water Systems

To ensure safe drinking water you must monitor and report the progress of water treatment by your surface water treatment plant (SWTP) operations using monitoring plans, public notifications, and SWTP forms.

Surface Water Monitoring

Public Water System Monitoring Plans
How to comply with requirements for monitoring plans for public water systems in Texas.

Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
Information regarding the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) Cryptosporidium monitoring for public water systems.

Report Surface Water Treatment Violations to TCEQ

Surface Water Treatment Violation Report Form and Instructions
Form to report each surface water treatment technique violations to the TCEQ.

SWTP Reporting

Forms, Instructions, and Guidance for Surface Water Monthly Operating Reports (SWMORs)
Each public water system that operates a surface water treatment plant to produce drinking water from surface water, or from groundwater that is under the direct influence of surface water, must submit monthly data to the TCEQ. This page tells system operators how to choose the correct version of the Surface Water Monthly Operating Report.

Filter Reports for Individual Filters
When a filter begins showing signs of performance below required operational standards, you must submit a filter profile report (FPR), filter assessment report (FAR), or a comprehensive performance evaluation request (CPE). This page provides you with forms, examples, and instructions for submitting the appropriate report based on the severity of degradation.

Water Treatment Plant Recycling Practices Report
All water systems that use surface water or groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GUI), practice conventional or direct filtration, and recycle spent filter backwash, thickener supernatant, or liquids from dewatering processes must complete and submit a Water Treatment Plant Recycling Practices Report (RPR) to notify us that they recycle.