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Groundwater Conservation Districts

Locally governed districts for the management of groundwater supplies, with limited management planning oversight by the Groundwater Planning and Assessment Team. Map, contact list, and other useful links.

The Groundwater Planning and Assessment team processes, reviews, and facilitates landowner petitions for creating groundwater conservation districts. The team evaluates filed legislative bills that create new or modify existing Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs). The TCEQ creates GCDs within Priority Groundwater Management Areas (PGMAs). The team processes and coordinates limited oversight of GCDs relating to groundwater management plans and joint-district planning in common groundwater management areas, providing educational and technical assistance upon request.


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The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service on-line BookstoreExit the TCEQ offers a number of publications on groundwater management such as:

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  • "Groundwater Conservation Districts: Success Stories" (B-6087)
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Free electronic downloads of these publications (add an “e” in front of the publication number) are also available after setting up an account.