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Groundwater Planning and Assessment

Groundwater protection, Texas Groundwater Protection Committee, Groundwater Conservation Districts, Priority Groundwater Management Areas, pesticide management, and relevant reports and studies.

Groundwater Conservation Districts

Locally governed districts for the management of groundwater supplies, with limited management planning oversight by the Groundwater Planning and Assessment Team. Map, contact list, and other useful links.

Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report, SFR-056

Annual report on the quality of groundwater in Texas. Lists all current groundwater contamination cases in the state and their enforcement status.

Pesticides and Groundwater

Groundwater Planning and Assessment Team supports and coordinates interagency efforts toward preventing and managing contamination of groundwater by pesticides.

Priority Groundwater Management Areas

Program to identify areas of Texas experiencing, or expected to experience, critical groundwater problems and encourage the creation of groundwater conservation districts for those areas. Relevant reports, studies, maps, and rules.

Texas Groundwater Protection Program

Supports and coordinates the development and implementation of the state's groundwater-protection strategy and the interagency Texas Groundwater Protection Committee. Also produces relevant reports and studies.