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Current Job Openings

Employment opportunities at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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Title Job # Monthly Salary Division Date Closes
Attorney I L20225 $4265.00 Legal-General Law Open Until Filled
Reopened Budget Analyst III L20162 $4023.16 Monitoring Open Until Filled
ReopenedBusiness Analyst II 20017 $4301.16 to $ 5200.00 Information Resources 04/13/2020
Reopened Chemist V L20036 $4917.00 to $5648.48 Monitoring Open Until Filled
Data Analyst IV L20263 $4917.00 to $6164.73 Air Quality 04/03/2020
Data Analyst IV L20264 $4917.00 to $6164.73 Air Quality 04/03/2020
ReopenedElectronics Technician II L20203 $3081.33 Monitoring 04/03/2020
Engineer I-V L20262 $5568.00 to $7161.00 Critical Infrastructure 04/13/2020
ReopenedEngineer I-IV L20239 $5568.00 to $6773.00 Water Supply 04/03/2020
New InformationEnvironmental Investigator II (DFW) L20267 $3235.00 North Central & West Texas Area 04/13/2020
Information Specialist IV 20020 $4023.16 to $5167.00 External Relations Open Until Filled
ReopenedLegal Secretary II 20009 $2791.00 Legal-General Law Open Until Filled
New InformationNatural Resources Specialist III L20266 $3520.33 External Relations 04/13/2020
ReopenedNatural Resources Specialist V L20234 $4598.66 to $4920.57 Monitoring 04/13/2020
ReopenedProgram Specialist V L20209 $4023.16 to $4762.12 Information Resources 04/03/2020
ReopenedPurchaser II L20196 $2791.00 Monitoring Open Until Filled
ReopenedSystems Analyst II L20221 $3293.41 Information Resources 04/13/2020
ReopenedWeb Administrator III L20214 $4301.16 to $6000.00 Air Grants 04/13/2020