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Class D Wastewater Operators License Questionnaire

Class D Wastewater Operator's Questionnaire.

All required fields are marked with a red dot.

1. Do you operate any ACTIVATED SLUDGE type facility?   Check Yes or No

2. Do you operate either a Trickling Filter or Rotating Biological Contactor facility (RBC) with a permitted daily average flow of 100,000 gallons per day or greater?   A tricking filter or RBC facility is a facility that uses secondary aerobic biological processes for treatment of sewage. Check Yes or No

3. Do you operate a facility that disposes of treated effluent through a subsurface area drip disposal system?   Check Yes or No

4. Do you work in a wastewater collection system, but do not operate a wastewater treatment facility.   Check Yes or No.

5. Do you hold this license only to maintain an OSSF aerobic system and do not operate a permitted wastewater treatment facility.   Check Yes or No

Is you answered "Yes" to questions 1 through 3, your Class D license is not renewable.  You must upgrade to the Class C license. Do not continue attempting to renew your license.  Fees are not refundable.

AFFIDAVIT: I hereby certify under penalty of law that this form contains no willful or negligent misrepresentation or falsification and that all information is true, accurate and complete.  I understand that any misrepresentation or falsification may result in DENIAL of my application or REVOCATION of any license or registration issued as a result of this application.