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Survey for TCEQ-contracted Computer Based Testing Centers

Questions for Computer Based Testing (CBT) sites regarding availability during COVID-19 outbreak.
7. Are you Currently Operating?   If yes, answer questions 8 - 12. If no, answer questions 13 - 15.

8. Are you currently operating at full capacity? If you select no, explain your policy to increase testing capacity below.

9. Which special precautions have you implemented to ensure the safety of the students and staff? Select all that apply.
10. What are you doing to let the public, including students and license applicants, know that your center is operating? Select all that apply.
11. Do you have a system to prioritize requests for testing? If yes, please briefly describe in the field provided below.

12. Are students being proctored in-person or remotely?

13. When do you intend to reopen? Select all that apply.
14. When you reopen, are you considering a gradual phased in approach? If you reply "Yes" please describe in the field provided below.

15. When you reopen, what special precautions will have you in place? If you select "Other" please respond to question 16.