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Regional School Exam Registration

Sign up to take an exam at a Regional School administered by TCEQ Staff members.

Before registering to take an exam, your license application must be approved! Have you received your approval letter? If your license application is not approved, your registration will be cancelled. You can check the status of your application on the TCEQ Search License or Registration Information web page.

Pre-Approval is Required Before Exam Registration

As of March 1, 2017, your license application must be preapproved or conditionally approved before you can register to take an exam at a Regional School. Review of an electronic application (using OLEA) takes approximately 3-4 weeks (if all supporting documentation is provided and there are no deficiencies). Please refer to the Pre-Approval Time Table for applicable dates.

Applicants are eligible to apply for a conditional approval if they:

  • are only missing one required course;
  • have no other outstanding deficiencies; and
  • intend to take the exam immediately following completion of the required course at a location where TCEQ is proctoring the exams. When you apply, you'll need proof of the last course registration confirmation and the location and date of the exam being offered.

Once your application is approved or conditionally approved, you will receive an approval letter or conditionally approved letter in the mail. This letter must be brought with you when you take your exam.

Most people will use e-App, however if you must submit a paper check, money order, or ITV (Inter-agency Transfer Voucher - only available for state agencies), you can request a paper application that can be filled out and mailed to the tceq with your payment. Paper applications will be processed in approximately 6-8 weeks, if they are complete with no deficiencies. You can email a request for a paper application to licenses@tceq.texas.gov and include the following statement in the body of the email: "Please email me an application for [license type] so I may submit my payment via paper check, money order or ITV."

If you need to renew an existing license, please visit our License and Registration Online Renewal web page. Renewals are not available through e-Application.

Available Exams At The Regional Schools

  • Customer Service Inspector (CSI)
  • Wastewater Operators
    • D, C, & B (Spanish version available for Wastewater Operator D)
  • Wastewater Collection Operator
    • I, II, & III (Spanish version available for Wastewater Collection I)
  • Water Operators
    • D Water (Spanish version available)
    • C Distribution
    • C Groundwater
    • C Surface Water
    • B Distribution
    • B Groundwater
    • B Surface Water

Test Registration Form

Note: In order to register for an exam:

  • You must have received (and bring with you) the approval or conditional approval letter.
  • You must take your last required class at the training school you are registering to test at.
  • The exam you are now registering to take may be a retest of a previously failed exam, but only if you are attending the training school.
  • You are NOT eligible to register for the exam unless you are attending the specific school in which you plan to test.

Register for the Regional School where you plan to take your licensing exam below:

Your Application Must Be Pre-Approved Before Registering For An Exam

Your license application must be approved before you can register to take an exam. Any exam registration submitted by individuals without an approved application will be removed from the exam roster. In order to take an exam, you must present your application approval letter or you may not be able to sit for the exam.

Customer Number

Your Customer Number (CN) is located on your Application Approval letter you will receive in the mail when your application has been approved. You may also view your application status and CN number by searching the Licensing or Registration Information web page. Remember, your application for the exam you are registering for MUST be approved before you register for an exam.

Please be careful when entering your information (CN, etc) as inaccurate information may cause your exam registration to be cancelled. The Customer Number can be copied from the TCEQ Search Licensing or Registration Information web page and pasted into the Customer Number for accuracy.

Are you re-taking the exam?   It is only considered a retest if the test date will be less than 12 months since the application fee was paid and fewer than 4 attempts within the last year.

Exam Type   Please choose a exam you would like to take from the list below.

Exam Dates   Please choose an exam date you would like to take from the list below.

Please do not hit the submit button more than once! Once the data has been transmitted, you will receive a success page and a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam or Junk folder.