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New EAPP Info Page

New eapp information web page

Successfully Completing an e-Application (e-App)

  1. Meet the qualifications and educational requirements for the license.
  2. Have all required paperwork completed and saved in electronic format. (These must be uploaded along with your e-app submittal)
  3. Complete the online e-App form, pay for your application via ePay, and submit your application.

License Qualifications

Visit our Requirements for Licenses, Registrations, and Renewals web page for necessary education, experience and training requirements for the license type you are seeking to obtain.

Documentation Requirements for Each License

Please download and read the Applying for an Occupational License with e-Application (e--App) document which provides a list of required documents for each license.

E-Application Online

If you have all the necessary information and qualifications for the license, you may apply online using e-App.

License Renewals

If you need to renew an existing license, please visit our License and Registration Online Renewal web page. Renewals are not available through e-Application.