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New Training Courses page

Remove a lot of stuff and replace with guidance

Important Training Requirements

Please review this training guidance:

  • Requirements vary by license. Visit our license requirements web pages or Training Course Guidance document Microsoft Word Document for more information on specific occupational licenses and their requirements.
  • To find the number of Continuing Education (CE) hours you currently have on record, visit the Search Licensing and Registration Information web page.
  • For renewals, CE hours must be acquired prior to the expiration of the license and may be obtained any time during the validity of the license.
  • The same distance learning training (online and correspondence) may not be repeated for renewal hours in the same renewal period

(For Visible Emissions Evaluator (Smoke school) and Stage II Vapor Recovery providers, please see their corresponding license requirements web page.)

Find Training Providers

A list of TCEQ approved training providers and courses Microsoft Excel offered for a specific license is available for download.

The Excel document containing the training courses and providers has a filter available on all column headings. You can sort and/or refine data by using those filters. For more information about filters, please visit Microsoft's Excel web page concerning filters and how to use them.