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What is e-Application?Start an Occupational Licensing Application with e-App!

e-Application (e-App) is the online version of a paper licensing application. All applications must be received, reviewed, and approved by TCEQ prior to registering for the corresponding exam. Using e-App, your application, if complete with no deficiencies, will be approved in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Please use e-App, however if you must submit a paper check, money order, or ITV (Inter-agency Transfer Voucher - only available for state agencies), you can request a paper application that can be filled out and mailed to the TCEQ with your payment. You can email a request for a paper application to and include the following statement in the body of the email: "Please email me an application for [license type] so I may submit my payment via paper check, money order or ITV." Don't forget to include the license type in your request. Paper applications will be processed in approximately 8-10 weeks, if they are complete with no deficiencies.

Please Note When Entering Training Information in e-App

On the Qualifications tab in e-App, only list the training required to obtain the license that is not showing on your TCEQ training record on the TCEQ Search Licensing or Registration Information web page.


If you need to renew an existing license, please visit our License and Registration Online Renewal web page. Renewals are not available through e-Application.

Choose a License To Find Out Which Documents You Will Need To Upload in e-Application:

What Do I Need to Do to Complete an e-Application?

  • Submit payment via e-Pay, our electronic payment system, with a Credit/Debit card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or ACH one-time payment (electronic check). All licenses available on e-App require a fee of $111.00.
    • If you have already paid the license fee(s) using ePay, please have your voucher numbers available as these will have to be entered into e-App.
    • Retain the voucher number(s) received after payment is completed on e-Pay.
    • You can pay at any time, however you will need the voucher number to submit your e-Application. (Required for all non-exempt applicants.)
  • Complete the online application.

Start your e-Application today!