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$209 million to fund projects that replace or repower vehicles and equipment

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 - TCEQ issues notice for public review and comment
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Under a Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for Texas released for public review and comment by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, more than $209 million will be available for grant projects to replace or repower vehicles and equipment in Texas. The money is from a national trust established by Volkswagen as a result of a settlement of litigation between the EPA, the state of California, and VW and its related entities regarding emissions controls on VW’s 2.0 and 3.0-liter diesel vehicles.

The draft plan outlines priorities and grant project categories for use of the funds. The funds may only be spent on specific types of grant projects such as those that replace or repower certain eligible vehicles and equipment, as well as installation of light-duty zero-emission vehicle supply equipment and shore power projects for ocean-going vessels.

Prior to requesting funds from the trust, the TCEQ must finalize the plan and submit it to the trustee. Copies of the draft plan may be viewed and downloaded from the TCEQ’s VW program website at www.texasvwfund.org or may be obtained by contacting TCEQ staff toll free at: 833-215-TXVW (8989).

Comments may be submitted by email to vwsettle@tceq.texas.gov or by mail at the address provided on the VW program website. To be considered, comments must be received by the TCEQ no later than Oct. 8, 2018.

The TCEQ will also hold public meetings at selected locations to allow the public to provide comments in person. A schedule of the public meetings, including dates, times, and locations, will be posted on the VW program website. You may also find out about meetings in your area by calling the TCEQ’s VW program phone number.