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Acting on behalf of the TCEQ, attorney general files petition against Triple P.G. Sand Development, L.L.C. today

Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 - Attorney General filing
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On behalf of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Attorney General today filed a petition and Application for Injunctive Relief in the District Court of Travis County against Triple P.G. Sand Development, L.L.C. in Kingwood for violations of Chapter 26 of the Texas Water Code and related TCEQ rules pertaining to the discharge of industrial waste and process wastewater.

“Companies that pollute Texas waterways will be held accountable,” says TCEQ Executive Director Toby Baker. “Every business has a responsibility to respect laws that protect the environment and public health, and I applaud the attorney general for acting swiftly on my request to hold Triple P.G. Sand Development fully responsible.”

The State of Texas requests that the court grant the following relief as allowed by law: a permanent injunction, civil penalties and reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and investigative costs.