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TCEQ reminds Texans to hire licensed irrigators during Smart Irrigation Month

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - Licensed irrigators assist in liability protection, water conservation, money savings
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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is reminding Texans to hire licensed irrigators to install, test and maintain their systems as part of Smart Irrigation Month.

Hiring a licensed irrigator is required by law, but there are several other reasons to contract a reputable licensed irrigator. One such reason is the protection of public health.

"Individuals and businesses need licensed irrigators not only because of the legal liability, but because of the responsibility to the consumer, and to protect public health," said Shannon Watson, manager of TCEQ’s operational licensing section. "Without a licensed irrigator, the consumer is at a disadvantage if something goes wrong, plus there is no assurance that the potable water system will be properly protected from potential contamination."

What a Licensed Irrigator Will Do for You

A licensed irrigator knows how to properly set up an irrigation system with safety and conservation in mind. To conserve water, a licensed irrigator will install the appropriate sprinkler types and heads to ensure total coverage and minimize water loss. The system will be adjusted for appropriate pressure and timing equipment will be installed to prevent water from being wasted during rainfall or leaks. Additionally, a backflow prevention device must be installed and tested to prevent non-potable water from contaminating the water supply. A licensed irrigator will ensure that the right backflow prevention device has been installed and tested.

Lawn and garden watering make up 30-50 percent of household water use in Texas, and up to 50 percent of that water may be wasted through evaporation and runoff. Working with a licensed irrigator to design, maintain and operate an efficient irrigation system will conserve water and save money.

How to Find a Licensed Irrigator

TCEQ's licensing search tool assists individuals in finding a licensed irrigator by zip code, city or county. Licensees can also be searched by name or license number.

For additional information and resources visit the Take Care of Texas program’s blog on Smart Irrigation Month.