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TCEQ commissioners approve amended wastewater rule for dental offices

Reducing discharge of mercury and other metals

Public water systems sending out consumer confidence reports

CCRs, which show how well utilities are doing, need to be sent out by July 1.

Upgrade, save money, and help keep our air clean

Up to $5,000 and $2,500 incentives for purchase or lease of eligible vehicles

Reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfires

Amendments and new rules enhance safety,

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Consumer Confidence Reports provide people with information about the source or sources of their water. In Martindale, the water system there uses wells under the influence of the San Marcos River.

Know your water: TCEQ expert explains Consumer Confidence Reports

Check your June or July water bill

Consumer Confidence Reports, which should be sent to you by July 1 of each year, are important to help you understand how well your water system is doing. TCEQ expert Michele Risko answers questions about what these documents are and what they do for you.