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About TCEQNews

TCEQNews is an online, direct-to-the-public news source that focuses on providing timely and insightful reports about environmental issues affecting the state of Texas.

Our ad-free publication is centered on the activities of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which has regulatory authority over a wide variety of industries and public facilities affecting the quality of air and water, and the proper disposal of waste. The TCEQ’s work is important to every person in Texas because it has an impact on public health and the environment.

That’s why getting accurate, concise information directly to the public is so vital.

This publication is the work of our communications staff, including:

  • Andrea Morrow, managing editor
  • Andrew Keese, staff writer
  • Brian McGovern, staff writer
  • Marty Otero, staff writer
  • Jim Elliot, photographer
  • Rob Burneson, videographer
  • Victor Guerra, copy editor
  • Mandolin Shannon, copy editor
  • Renee Carlson, copy editor

Information and tools for members of the traditional media can be found at the TCEQ Newsroom. News tips, general comments, and questions for any TCEQ news product can be directed to ac@tceq.texas.gov or to 512-239-5000.

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