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Below are featured articles produced by the TCEQ on issues affecting Texas and the environment.
An aerial view of Hurricane Laura in the Texas Gulf Coast
Sept. 14, 2020. 2020 TCEQ Response: Hurricane Laura: View a storymap of TCEQ’s preparation and response activities to this natural disaster.
TCEQ Chairman Jon Niermann discusses TCEQ plans during Covid-19
Aug. 7, 2020. Our work has not stopped: Watch our video: No matter what area of the state you call home, TCEQ is here for you
The Gatesville scrap tire pile and the area after cleanup
June 29, 2020. Remediation success story: Gatesville tire site cleanup: TCEQ, GLO, EPA work together, return land to natural state
Collage of TCEQ employees working during the pandemic
April 30, 2020. Going the Distance During Covid-19: TCEQ staff maintain public health and safety from a (social) distance
An open letter from Chairman Niermann on TCEQ's Covid-19 response
April 6, 2020. TCEQ message to concerned citizens, public advocates, and members of the regulated community: The following is an open letter from Chairman Jon Niermann regarding COVID-19 response.
Left to right: Susan Clewis, Susan Jablonski, Nicole Bealle, Lorinda Gardner, Alyssa Taylor, Kathy Sauceda
March 19, 2020. Amplifying women's voices and accomplishments at TCEQ: Women who strive to protect the environment and public health
L to R: Isaac Jackson, Yolanda Davis, Chris Gobert, Darrell McCant
Feb. 4, 2020. Celebrating the contributions of our diverse cultures: TCEQ commemorates Black History Month
Erin McDonald, a work leader in TCEQ’s Monitoring Division, checks on a stationary air monitoring site.
Jan. 23, 2020. Air Pollutant Defense System: TCEQ’s extensive air monitoring network helps protect public
TCEQ employees hold signs explaining why they volunteer for Meals on Wheels
Dec. 10, 2019. Volunteerism is alive and well at TCEQ: TCEQ employees give back to their community
Left to right: TCEQ Commissioner Bobby Janecka
Oct. 18, 2019. Asked to serve: TCEQ's newest commissioner a dedicated public servant, familiar face
Left to right: TCEQ Employees Jason Ybarra, Jaya Zyman, and Jaime Garza.
Sept. 26, 2019. Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of our diverse cultures: TCEQ commemorates Hispanic Heritage Month.
Mathew Ooi explains how the GIS layers he and another intern are developing will be implemented into the NPS Program Public Viewer.
July 19, 2019. Internships offer valuable experiences that will help protect the environment: Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program interns learn job skills through hands-on projects.
American and Texas Flags fly at Texas Capitol
July 9, 2019. 86th Texas legislative session is complete: Hard work pays off as lawmakers improve TCEQ
Nate Hickman, Grant Development Team Leader, Implementation Grants Section of the Air Quality Division.
June 13, 2019. Spotlight: Nate Hickman: Building a team that improves air quality in Texas
Commissioner Lindley, Executive Director Baker and Chihuahua Secretary of the Environment Luis Felipe Siqueiros sign four-year memorandum of cooperation.
June 7, 2019. Bi-national collaboration along Texas-Mexico Border: Environmental leaders work on shared environmental issues
Cari-Michel LaCaille, director of TCEQ’s Water Supply Division.
Apr 4, 2019. Spotlight: Cari-Michel LaCaille: More than 27 million people and 6,900 public water systems rely on TCEQ
Jackie Keltner collects effluent samples at a wastewater treatment plant.
Mar 14, 2019. Women now make up majority of TCEQ’s workforce: Sensible employment policies make agency attractive place to work
A large pile of scrap tires
Feb. 26, 2019. Scrap and used tires find new life: 44 million scrap tires no longer harmful to the environment
Image of the Texas state capitol's dome
Dec. 27, 2018. Looking ahead to the new year: Agency's recommendations to lawmakers seek to make doing business with the TCEQ easier and faster
TCEQ lead meteorologist Weslee Copeland points at a display created by the modeling software he uses.
Oct. 11, 2018. Modeled for success: TCEQ meteorologists constantly seek to improve: Air quality forecasts critical for both public, agency missions
Staff and contractors perform prescribed burns at the center.
Sept. 24, 2018. Supplemental Environmental Projects have direct impact on the ecosystem: Good things come from environmental penalties.
New TCEQ Commissioner Emily Lindley
Sept. 17, 2018. Meet TCEQ Commissioner Emily Lindley: A leader who examines all angles.
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