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New technology grant funds available for electricity storage

Feb. 21, 2018 - TCEQ’s New Technology Implementation Grant Program is helping Texas become a leader in new technologies that reduce emissions from facilities and other stationary sources and creating new businesses and industry.

Grant funds are available under the NTIG program for electricity storage projects, the storage of power from renewable energy that is released back to the grid. Eligible organizations that intend to build, own, and operate new technologies to reduce emissions and store electricity related to renewable energy are encouraged to apply.

Electricity Storage grant projects include systems that store power from renewable energy sources then release it back into the grid. Currently there are five active electricity storage projects that were awarded grants under the NITG program. These innovative projects include utility-scale renewable energy storage systems with a combined energy storage capacity of more than 20 megawatt hours of electricity. Two of these proposed projects are looking to make big changes:

  • Zero-emission energy generation: One battery storage project will use a hybrid battery of two distinct battery chemistries: lithium ion (solid) and flow (liquid). The hybrid system will utilize zero-emission energy generation from a wind farm to charge the batteries and then discharge to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas market during peak demand hours when load support is needed the most.
  • Bringing electricity costs down: An electric cooperative developed an energy storage automation and management system that incorporates solar. This system will integrate the use of 2 megavolt-4 megavolt batteries that are charged using a photovoltaic array. Solar energy is stored in the batteries and then discharged/shifted to provide predictable and reliable energy to electric cooperative members in rural areas of the Texas Hill Country during peak load demand, usually 3-7 p.m., when electricity costs are the highest.

Are you interested in applying? For more information on the grant program, to access up-to-date information on the application process, and to download copies of all application forms, visit the NTIG Program webpage or call 800-919-TERP (8377). Application deadline is Tuesday, May 1 at 5 p.m.