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Pasadena Refining racks up $452,825 in fines for emissions violations

Aug. 16, 2017 - A portion of the fines pays to replace old buses, recycle tires

Pasadena Refining, Inc. will have to pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars as a penalty for air emissions violations.

The violations occurred over a period of five years—2010 to 2015—and include such infractions as exceeding allowable emissions rates of pollutants like sulfur dioxide, hexane, propane, as well as failing to submit notice prior to conducting stack performance tests.

As part of an order approved earlier in the month, the company must direct $226,412 of the penalty amount to a Supplemental Environmental Project. A SEP allows a portion of a penalty amount to be offset for the benefit of a TCEQ-approved initiative that protects the environment, as opposed to the entire amount going into the state’s general fund.

Pasadena Refining will pay $201,412 to the Houston-Galveston Area Council to replace buses that do not meet emissions standards with new lower emission buses. Another $25,000 will go to the Texas Association of Resource Conservation and Development Areas Inc. for the Tire Collection Events and Cleanup of Abandoned Tire Sites project. The program coordinates events where residents can drop off used tires for proper disposal or recycling.

The company is also required to make necessary repairs so similar violations are not repeated.

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