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Public water systems sending out consumer confidence reports

June 26, 2018 - It’s easy to take for granted the massive defense system protecting the vast majority of Texans.

It’s not space-based, and it is not even a regular recipient of military spending. Rather, it’s likely situated in a nondescript building somewhere in or near your neighborhood.

It’s your public drinking water system, which fills your home plumbing with potable water.

As is required by the law, your water system must provide you with a report—the consumer confidence report—by July 1 on how well it’s doing each year. CCRs show you where your drinking water originates, including lakes, rivers, ground sources, etc.; what chemical and bacteriological contaminants the treated water may have; the system’s compliance with drinking water rules; and contact information at the utility.

The spirit of openness behind consumer confidence reports is a powerful accountability tool, so be sure to check your mail and read up on how your public water system is serving you and your family.

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