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Summer internship sponsors growing future leaders

Jan. 10, 2018 - Public and private-sector organizations invited to participate
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Is your company an engineering firm that collects, analyzes, and reports on environmental data? Are you affiliated with a law firm or an environmental consulting firm? Private and public-sector organizations in Texas are invited to participate in the Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program as a summer internship sponsor. You can be a mentor to college students from across the nation who apply for the full-time, paid internships. These students represent a dynamic and diverse talent pool of potential employees.

Businesses hosting a student referred by the MLEIP determine their hourly rate of pay, the start and end dates of the internship assignment, and the duties students will perform. Internships typically run between June and August.      

Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, primarily science, technology, engineering and math majors, apply each year for these internships. However, of those who apply, only about 1 out of 6 are placed. That’s why more sponsors are needed.

Last year the MLEIP placed 86 interns with the TCEQ and 14 with other state agencies and private sector companies. These numbers indicate a good start, but we’d like more companies to take advantage of this opportunity to train our future workforce.

So, what’s in it for the sponsor? “How about an opportunity for protecting our environment and hiring and developing the next generation of leaders?” says Ray Averitt, senior director of risk management, Oncor Electric Delivery and MLEIP Advisory Board chair.

“Oncor (or its predecessor companies) have been involved in the MLEIP for 25 years and during that time Oncor has placed and mentored over 40 interns. We’ve hired 5 interns and all 5 are currently employed doing environmental functions. One former intern, KayLynne Phillips, is now acting as Oncor’s Manager of Waste and Recycling.”

For more information on how you can be a summer internship sponsor, visit our website and submit your Sponsor Request Form by Feb. 28, 2018.