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What's new with RESTORE?

Aug. 16, 2017: Developing a final list of grantees for Texas coastal projects

TCEQ Commissioner Toby Baker asked for your comments on the draft of the multi-year implementation plan to distribute more than $85 million for projects that restore the Texas coast. You answered! When the public comment period closed there were more than 1,400 comments received.

Grant funding comes from penalties assessed for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The federal Restore Act directs 80 percent of the funds to be used by Gulf States to fund environmental and economic development projects. Commissioner Baker is the governor’s designee for the state of Texas.

After a thorough review of the comments received, Commissioner Baker will use the comments to revise the plan and submit it to the governor. Then, a final version will be submitted to the U.S. Treasury for acceptance and to begin the process to receive grant funds.

Texas is expected to receive at least $550 million in RESTORE funds through 2033.

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