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Waste/Recycling Education: Lesson Plans for Educators

Download free lesson plans and handouts from the TCEQ regarding waste-related topics, such as recycling, composting, and reuse.

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Individual student handouts and lesson plans (with TEKS references) provided below.

Lesson Summary Science TEKSExit the TCEQ
(as of 2017)
Reusing Discarded Materials to Make Puppets Develop an understanding that discarded materials can be reused. K.1A,B; 1.1A,B Lesson Plan
How to Recycle Learn how the recycling process works, what materials can be recycled, and how to recycle properly. 4.1B; 5.1B Lesson Plan
Creating Your Own Compost in 1-3 Months Learn what composting is, the ingredients for a successful compost, and the environmental/societal benefits it provides. 4.1A,B
6.1B; 6.4B; 7.1A,B; 8.1A,B
Lesson Plan
Household Hazardous Waste Learn how to identify HHW products, safer alternatives, and where and how to reduce, reuse, recycle, or safely dispose of HHW items. 6.1B; 8.1B Lesson Plan
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