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Spanish Templates for Air Permits Public Notices—Applications received before September 1, 2015

A list of Spanish templates for certain public notices related to air permits for applications received before September 1, 2015. This includes New Source Review first and second notices for big and small businesses. It also includes Spanish tools to assist with translation.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the alternative language requirement is met when applicable. The applicant can complete our alternative-language checklist available in PDF or Word. This checklist helps to determine whether alternative-language publication is required.

The most common alternative language is Spanish. Spanish templates used for some Air Permits Public Notices are available. Also available are some Spanish tools that may assist with translation. The applicant should ensure the correct template is used and/or proper translation is performed.

Certain applications received on or after September 1, 2015, are subject to new laws affecting contested case hearings. These changes in law affected the language in the public notices.

Visit the Status of Air Permits and Permit Applications Web page to verify your application received date.

Spanish Templates for Air Permits Public Notices—Applications received on and after September 1, 2015

Spanish Templates and Tools for Air Permits Public Notices

Spanish Template Edits for Expedited Permits

Spanish Templates for Air NSR First Notices

Spanish Templates for Air NSR Second Notices

  • New permit, flexible permit, or permit amendment in PDF or Word
  • New or major-modification prevention-of-significant-deterioration (PSD) permit in PDF or Word
  • New or major modification nonattainment permit in PDF or Word

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