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Title 30 TAC 116.213, March 14, 1997

Synopsis of specific rules from air permitting that were in effect on this date.

Subchapter C Permit exemptions

116.213 Registration of Emissions

An applicant may certify and register the maximum emission rates from the facilities qualifying for a standard exemption in order to establish enforceable allowable emission rates which are below those allowed in § 116.211 of this title (relating to Standard exemption List). All representations with regard to construction plans, operating procedures, and maximum emission rates in any specially certified registration for a standard exemption become conditions upon which the exempt facility shall be constructed and operated. It shall be unlawful for any person to vary from such representation if the change will cause a change in the method of control of emissions, the character of the emissions, or will result in an increase in the discharge of the various emissions, unless the registration is first revised. The special certification must include documentation of the basis of emission estimates and a written statement by the registrant certifying that the maximum emission rates listed on the registration reflect the reasonably anticipated maximums for operation of the facility. The specially certified registration shall be maintained on-site and be provided immediately upon request by representatives of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission or any air pollution control agency having jurisdiction. Copies of the certified registration shall be included in applications for permits for any subsequent projects that are subject to review under the undesignated heads in Subchapter B concerning prevention of significant deterioration review and nonattainment review.

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