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Title 30 TAC 116 Rule Change, August 22, 1980

Synopsis of specific rules from air permitting that were in effect on this date.

Permanent Rule Adoption

Preface to Revised Regulation VI

This revision incorporates changes adopted by the Texas Air Control Board on July 11, 1980. Pages are dated so that revised pages can be identified. Also in this revision, the rule numbers and some words in the text have been changed to conform to the format prescribed by the Texas Secretary of State.

In this new format, the Texas Air Control Board General Rules, Procedural Rules, and Regulations are each a chapter (101, 102 and 111 through 119) of Title 31 of the Texas Administrative Code.

The words "of this title", which appear where other rules are referenced, (such as "§ 116.7 of this title") refer to Title 31 but in effect mean "of the TACB rules and regulations."

Each rule (or section) is identified with a 4 or 5 digit number consisting of the three digit chapter number, and one or two digits identifying the individual rule. The old 10 digit rule number is given for each rule both in the index and the title of each rule.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the regulation, please contact Hank Sievers in the Control Strategy Division of the Texas Air Control Board, 6330 Highway 290 East, Austin, Texas 78723, or call (512) 451-5711 ext. 413.

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