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Title 30 TAC Chapter 116 Index, August 16, 1994

Synopsis of specific rules from air permitting that were in effect on this date.

116 Index

Subchapters A, B, C, D, E, F

Subchapter A Definitions

  • Section 116.010 General Definitions
  • Section 116.011 Compliance History Definitions
  • Section 116.012 Nonattainment Review Definitions

Subchapter B New Source Review Permits - Permit Application

Compliance History

Public Notification and Comment Procedures

Permit Fees

Nonattainment Review

  • Section 116.150 New Major Source or Major Modification in Ozone Nonattainment Areas
  • Section 116.151 New Major Source or Major Modification in Nonattainment Areas Other than Ozone

Prevention of Significant Deterioration Review

Emission Reductions: Offsets

Subchapter C

Permit Expemptions

Subchapter D

Permit Renewals

Subchapter E

Emergency Orders

Subchapter F

Standard Permits

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