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Outdated Regulation VII, March 5, 1972

Outdated 30 TAC 117 and 31 TAC 117 rules, 31 TAC 117 date from 1972 and the rule changed to 30 TAC 117 in September 1993
Rule 701

The state of technology for controlling nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from stationary sources is most uncertain. Although some improvement can be achieved in NOx emissions from gas and oil burning stationary sources at this time, it is uncertain what emission levels can be achieved with the existing stationary sources in Texas. An intense investigation is being conduted by the electric power generation industry in conjunction with the Texas Air Control Board to determine these levels. Accordingly, NOx emission standards for existing stationary sources except nitric acid manufacturing plants will not be promulgated until June 30, 1972. Until June 30, 1972, all stationary sources of NOx emissions must be operated according to procedures designed to minimize NOx emissions. These procedures must be commensurate with safety and good operating practice.

Rule 702 Nitric Acid Manufacturing

No person may cause, suffer, allow or permit emissions of nitrogen oxides, calculated as nitrogen dioxide, from any nitric acid manufacturing plant to exceed 600 parts per million by volume.

Rule 703

Persons affected by this regulation shall be in compliance with the provisions contained herein no later than December 31, 1973. Not later than six months after the effective date of this regulation, any person affected by this regulation shall submit to the Texas Air Control Board a written report on his compliance status, including but not limited to the minimum time required to design, procure, install and test abatement equipment or procedures. Progress reports shall be submitted to the Board every four months commencing in October of 1972 until compliance is achieved.

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