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Title 30 TAC 117 Rule Change, May 22, 1997

Outdated 30 TAC 117 and 31 TAC 117 rules, 31 TAC 117 date from 1972 and the rule changed to 30 TAC 117 in September 1993

Permanent Rule Adoption

Preface to Outdated Chapter 117 (Regulation VII)

1. Purpose. This change transmittal provides the page(s) that reflect changes and additions to the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (commission) Volume of Permanent Rules.

2. Explanation of Change. The commission adopted the repeal of § 117.550, concerning Standard Construction Permits for Nitrogen Oxides Reasonably Available Control Technology Projects. The repeal is adopted without change and will not be republished.

3. Effect of Change. The commission adopted this revision to Chapter 117, concerning Control of Air Pollution from Nitrogen Compounds, and to the State Implementation Plan in order to streamline rule requirements. The Chapter 117 standard permit was adopted as an expedience in 1993 because at the time there was no standard permit for pollution control projects in Chapter 116. The two standard permits are largely duplicative. The more logical location for a standard permit is in Chapter 116, which concerns Control of Air Pollution by Permits for New Construction or Modification. Concurrent with this repeal, the commission adopts revisions to the Chapter 116 standard permit which are designed to allow greater flexibility in making the demonstration that a project is environmentally beneficial.

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