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Outdate Title 30 TAC 117 Rule Change, June 9, 1993

Outdated 30 TAC 117 and 31 TAC 117 rules, 31 TAC 117 date from 1972 and the rule changed to 30 TAC 117 in September 1993

Preface to Outdated Chapter 117 (Regulation VII)

This version of Regulation VII incorporates changes adopted by the Texas Air Control Board (TACB) on May 11, 1993 and effective June 11, 1993. The date following each section indicates the date that section was revised. In addition, numerous minor editorial changes have been made to reconcile stylistic differences between the TACB printings of these regulations and the version published by the Texas Register which appears in the Texas Administrative Code.

Please contact the Texas Air Control Board Regional Office that serves your area if you have any questions about your compliance status under this regulation. Information on permit requirements for construction of new facilities or for modification of existing facilities may be obtained from the Permits Division of the TACB, 12124 Park 35 Circle, Austin, Texas 78753, (512) 908-1000. If you have questions about the interpretation of these rules or suggestions for changes, please contact the Compliance Division or the Regulation Development Section at the same address and telephone number.

The TACB is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability in employment or in the provision of services, programs or activities.

In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, this document may be requested in alternate formats by contacting the ADA contact within the Air Quality Planning Program staff at (512) 908-1457, (512) 908-1500 Fax or 1-800-RELAY-TX (TDD), or by writing or visiting the Air Quality Planning Annex located at 12118 North IH-35, Park 35 Technology Center, Building A, Austin, Texas 78753.

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