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30 TAC Chapters 101-122

Rules for the control of air pollution

Control of Air Pollution

101Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentGeneral Rules
106Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentExemptions from Permitting
111.111Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentVisible Emissions and Particulate Matter Visible Emissions
111.151Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentEmission Limits on Nonagricultural Processes
111.171Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentEmission Limits on Agricultural Processes
112Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentControl of Air Pollution From Sulphur Compounds
113.230Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentGasoline Distribution Facilities
113.240Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPulp and Paper Production
113.340Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPetroleum Refineries
113.2070Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentHospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators
115.10Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentDefinitions
115.112Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentStorage of Volatile Organic Compounds
115.121Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentVent Gas Control
115.131Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentWater Separation
115.140Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentIndustrial Wastewater
115.160Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentBatch Processes
115.211Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentLoading and Unloading of Volatile Organic Compounds
115.234Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentControl of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks from Transport Vessels
115.240Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentStage II Vapor Recovery Definitions
115.322Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentFugitive Emission Control in Petroleum Refineries in Gregg, Nueces, and Victoria Counties
115.352Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentEmission Control in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Processes
115.412Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentDegreasing and Clean-Up Operations
115.421Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentSurface Coating Processes
115.512Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentCutback Asphalt
115.541Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentDegassing or Cleaning of Stationary, Marine, and Transport Vessels
116Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPermits For New Construction or Modification
117.10Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentDefinitions
117.101Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentUtility Electric Generation
117.201Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentCommercial, Institutional, and Industrial Sources
117.400Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentNitric Acid Manufacturing
118.5Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentEmission Reduction Plan
122.10Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentGeneral Definitions
122.110Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentGeneral Requirements
122.130Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPermit Application
122.141Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPermit Content
122.320Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentPublic Notice
122.511Adobe Acrobat PDF DocumentOil and Gas General Operating Permit--Brazoria, Chambers, Collin, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Bend, Galveston, Hardin, Harris, Jefferson, Liberty, Montgomery, Orange, Tarrant, and Waller Counties

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