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About the Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan Flowchart

Introduces and explains a flowchart developed to help customers determine which forms are required when developing an EAPP.

What will this flowchart help me do?

Several forms must be completed in order to develop an Edwards Aquifer protection plan. The Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan Visual Flowchart will help you determine the type of plan and forms necessary to develop your EAPP.

How do I use the flowchart?

Follow the arrows as you answer each question in the flowchart. As you progress through each question, your answers will lead you to boxes with links to the plan pages containing the forms you must complete. Click the links, print the required forms, and return to the flowchart. Continue answering all of the questions until you reach the circle titled “End.”

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you are located in Williamson, Travis, or Hays County, call the TCEQ’s Austin Regional Office at (512) 339-2929.
For help in Comal, Bexar, Medina, Uvalde, or Kinney County, call TCEQ’s San Antonio Regional Office at (210) 490-3096.