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Underground Injection Control Program

The Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program regulates injection wells used for injecting fluids above, into, or below underground sources of drinking water (USDW). Continue reading this page for an overview of the different classifications of permitted injection wells in Texas.

What is an injection well?

30 TAC Chapter 331Exit the TCEQ defines an injection well as a well into which fluids are being injected. 
Chapter 27Exit the TCEQ of the Texas Water Code (the Injection Well Act) provides a detailed definition of an injection well. 

Who regulates injection wells?

All injection wells are regulated by either TCEQ (the commission in the Act) or the Railroad Commission of TexasExit the TCEQ (RRC). Injection wells are classified into five different types. 

Click on the classification number to learn more about the specific classification and its permitting process.

Well Classification I II III IV V
Injection Type Deep Injection Energy Byproduct Extract Minerals - not related to oil and gas Shallow Injection or Into USDW
Waste Types include Municipal, Industrial, or Hazardous  Oil and gas related Byproducts from uranium and salt mining operation Hazardous
TCEQ regulated Yes No Yes Yes Yes
RRC regulated
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