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In Situ Uranium Recovery Facility: Inspection and Enforcement of Radioactive Material Licenses

Agency inspection and enforcement requirements for in situ uranium recovery facilities.

At least once each year, an inspector with the Office of Compliance and Enforcement will inspect each uranium recovery facility. Additional inspections may occur as necessary. Each inspection report is filed under the facility’s license number.

If the inspection reveals violations, procedures for enforcement will be followed as described in 30 TAC Chapter 70 , “Enforcement.” For more about this process, read  The TCEQ Has Inspected Your Business. What Does This Mean to You?

If you have any questions about the terms of a facility’s license or the related rules, contact the Radioactive Materials Section. For answers to questions about a facility that is under formal enforcement, contact our Enforcement Division.

To register a complaint concerning any TCEQ-licensed in situ uranium recovery facility, go to Reporting an Environmental Complaint. You may also complete an online form to register your complaint.