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One-Time Waste Shipment Program

Information on how to register for a temporary Texas registration number, temporary EPA ID number and temporary Texas waste code for a one-time shipment of waste.

The One-Time Shipment (OTS) Program is for generators who are not and should not be registered with the TCEQ. They will receive a temporary Texas registration number, a temporary Texas waste code, (for one time use only) and, if necessary, a temporary EPA ID number. (See the following for details and exceptions.)

To obtain a temporary registration complete the One-Time Shipment Request for Texas Waste Code for Shipment of Industrial Class 1 and EPA Hazardous Waste Form (TCEQ-0757). (Available in PDF. Help with PDF.)

The OTS Waste Code is good for only the specified waste and only for that occurrence.

Nonindustrial conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQGs) that generate less than 220 pounds of Class 1 waste do not need a OTS Texas waste code. According to state regulations Exit the TCEQ, they assign their own numbers using "CESQ" as the four-digit sequence number of the Texas waste code and "CESQG" as the generator ID number. If the waste is hazardous, "TXCESQG" should be used as the EPA ID number.

Normal processing time for a one-time shipment code request is 2-3 working days. Requests may be expedited on an individual basis if one or more of the following criteria applies (documentation must be provided):

  1. Financial duress for the generating company. For example, if results are not received within a specific time, the company will suffer temporary/permanent close of business, bankruptcy, or layoff of personnel.
  2. Endangerment to human health or the environment.
  3. Waste removal is mandated under governmental order, for example, a local, state, or federal government enforcement action.

The completed OTS form must be faxed to 512/239-6410.

Registered generators assign their own sequence numbers to their "one-time" wastes by completing Part II of the Notification for Hazardous or Industrial Waste Management Form (TCEQ-00002; instructions also available) or by using State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). You must indicate that the waste was generated on a one-time basis and should be considered inactive as of a specific date.

Waste managed under the OTS Program are:

  1. included when determining your generator status (i.e., CESQG, SQG, LQG) and;
  2. included in determining your generation fee--if the waste is hazardous or Class 1.