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Medical Waste: Am I Regulated?

Scope of medical waste regulations in Texas. Links to information for generators, processors, transporters, and disposal facilities.

Medical waste is defined as any one of the following wastes generated at a health care related facility:

  • animal waste from animals intentionally exposed to pathogens
  • bulk human blood and blood products
  • pathological waste
  • microbiological waste
  • sharps

The wastes above are not defined as medical waste if they are from a household or place of lodging (motel/hotel). See Disposing of Syringes from Households (GI-418) for information on how to dispose of needles from homes or other places of lodging.

If you generate, transport, or treat any of the above wastes, you might be regulated.

For more details relating to medical waste, read the regulated guidance Texas Regulations on Medical Waste (RG-001). For state rules regarding medical waste use, disposal, and transportation, see 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 326Exit the TCEQ.

For questions regarding generators or treatment facilities of medical waste, contact Municipal Solid Waste Permits at:

  • Phone: (512) 239-2335
  • E-mail: mswper@tceq.texas.gov
  • Mailing Address: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Municipal Solid Waste Permits MC-124, PO Box 13087, Austin TX 78711-3087

For questions regarding the transport of medical waste, contact Registration and Reporting at:

  • Phone: 512/239-6413
  • E-mail: wasteval@tceq.texas.gov
  • Mailing Address: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Medical Waste Transporter Program MC-129, PO Box 13087, Austin TX 78711-3087

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