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Medical Waste Transporter Registration Query

How to look up medical waste transporter information using Central Registry

Medical Waste Transporter Querying Instructions for Central Registry:

  • Click the link for Search by Facility/Site (regulated entity). (This will bring up the Regulated Entity search options)
  • Under the Program drop down menu, select Medical Waste.
  • Populate one or more of the following fields and then click Search:
    • RN Number (Regulated Entity Number)
    • Regulated Entity (Business Name)
    • Program ID (Medical Waste Registration Number)
    • Street Address (Site Address - May be entered as a partial address)
    • City
    • ZIP Code
    • County

If you have questions regarding the transport of untreated medical waste, contact us at:

Phone: (512) 239-6413


Mailing Address:
Medical Waste Transporter Program MC-129
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
PO Box 13087
Austin TX 78711-3087