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Step 3: Tier 2 Reporting Software

This is the third of six reporting steps. Information on the software program used to prepare Tier II Reports.

Tier2 Submit Software

Tier2 Submit is free software from the EPA and is updated annually. This software can create both electronic and paper formats, but Tier II Reports must be submitted to the TCEQ in the electronic format via email to T2Sdatafiles@tceq.texas.gov.

Download and install the Tier2 Submit software

Each year the Tier2 Submit software is updated and the new version must be installed.

Tier 2 Submit

Software Issues

  • Tier2 Submit software requires that you have administrative rights to download the software to your computer. Check with your IT staff if you are having difficulties.
  • For problems downloading a copy of Tier2 Submit call EPA at: (703) 227-7652.
  • For all other issues contact us.

Installers for Previous Versions of the Tier 2 Submit Software

Please check with the Tier II Program before submitting any reports for past years by emailing us at: Tier2Help@tceq.texas.gov