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Step 2: Tier II Program, Customer, and Regulated Entity Numbers

This is the second of six reporting steps. The numbers you need for your Tier II report include Tier II Program numbers (TXT2), customer numbers (CN) and regulated entity numbers (RN).

Beginning January 1, 2018, all Tier II reports must include:

  • TXT2 Number:
    A program identification number unique to the Tier II Chemical Reporting Program. TXT2 numbers are 5 or 6 digit numbers that are assigned to owners or operators of facilities.
  • Customer Number (CN):
    Each customer (individual or organization) is issued a unique 11-digit identification number called a CN (e.g. CN123456789). Each customer should have only one CN based upon their name and Texas Secretary of State Exit the TCEQ or Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Exit the TCEQ information as applicable.
  • Regulated Entity Number (RN):
    Each site location is issued a unique 11-digit identification number called a RN (e.g. RN123456789). Each regulated entity should have only one RN number per address or physical location.

If you already have a CN and RN number(s) through another TCEQ program, please use those numbers. You already have a TXT2 number if you have ever filed a Tier II report in Texas. Use the same TXT2 number for all facilities with the same owner or operator. Each CN can only have one TXT2 number and each TXT2 number can only have one CN.

Verify if you already have number(s)

CNs and RNs associated only with the Tier II Program are not visible in Central Registry. Only CNs and RNs associated with other programs are visible in Central Registry. Contact us for more information.

Update your CN and RN information

Obtain new CN, RN and TXT2 numbers