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Medical Waste Rule Revisions

Medical waste rules for handling, transporting, storing, and disposing of medical waste, formerly in 30 TAC Chapter 330 were revised and moved to Chapter 326.

Scope of Rule Revisions

The TCEQ revised the rules for managing medical waste in 2016.

HB 2244 Exit the TCEQ required amending Title 30, Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) to repeal existing regulations and to create and adopt a new chapter with regulations specific to managing medical waste. The new chapter is 30 TAC 326 Exit the TCEQ.

The scope of the rule changes included:

  • permit and registration requirements such as public participation and application contents
  • amendments from 30 TAC 330, Subchapter E, that apply to medical waste facilities, such as buffer zones, storage times, and container labeling requirements
  • transferring rules from 30 TAC 330, Subchapter Y

The commission adopted the revised rules on April 27, 2016, and they became effective on May 26, 2016.

Where Former Chapter 330 Rules Were Placed in Chapter 326

The disposition table documents where former Chapter 330 rules relating to medical waste were placed in Chapter 326.

For More Information About Medical Waste

Please contact the MSW Permits Section if you have any questions about managing medical waste.