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Pescadito Environmental Resource Center—Municipal Solid Waste Permit Application No. 2374

Information about an application for a proposed facility consisting of a Type I Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) disposal facility, a liquid waste solidification area, and a recycling facility in Webb County, Texas.

Response to Comments

A Response to Comments (RTC) was filed on January 28, 2019. Use this link to view or download a copy of the RTC. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

Application Overview

Rancho Viejo Waste Management, LLC applied for a permit to authorize the landfill and related operations.  The application requests authorization for:  

  • a landfill consisting of a total permit boundary of 953 acres, of which approximately 72.3 acres would be the waste disposal area;
  • a maximum height, including final cover, of 704 feet above mean sea level (approximately 139 feet above the surrounding land surface); 
  • a waste disposal rate between 2,750 and 10,000 tons per day;
  • a liquid waste solidification area with a maximum daily acceptance rate of 50,000 gallons; and
  • a recycling facility.

Permit Process & Public Participation

Site Location

  • 2864 Jordan Road
    Laredo, Texas 78043
    Webb County
  • Latitude: 27° 33' 32.40" N
    Longitude: 99° 09' 35.99" W
  • MapExit the TCEQ

Permitting Milestones

  • Administrative Review: Complete
  • Public Meeting: Held 2/28/2013
  • Technical Review: Complete
  • Public Meetings: Held 8/11/2016 and 5/1/2018
  • Public Hearing: Abated Until Further Notice (details in Administrative Law Judges' Order No. 8 and Order No. 9
  • Agenda Date: Not Scheduled

Permit Application & Correspondence