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Barton and Onion Creek Stakeholder Group

Stakeholder group that provided advice and direction for issues related to the Barton Creek and Onion Creek watersheds.

The last meeting of this stakeholder group was held on September 30, 2009. At this point no changes are proposed to current TCEQ rules on wastewater discharges in the Barton Creek and Onion Creek watersheds. Should these conditions change, meetings will be posted on this page.

Petition for Rulemaking

The TCEQ received a petition for rulemaking to prohibit discharges into Barton and Onion Creek watersheds. This petition was denied by Commission Order 2008-1601-RUL. However, the Commission determined that additional stakeholder input was necessary to ensure that all issues relating to the petition were fully explored and all potentially impacted entities could participate.

Stakeholder Process

A stakeholders group was established with members selected from the community so that the group was balanced, consistent with 5.107 of the Texas Water Code. Open meetings were held in January and March of 2009 to discuss the issues. The January meeting focused on studies of water quality issues in the Barton and Onion Creek watersheds and the Edwards aquifer, and specific stakeholder concerns related to wastewater discharge. The March meeting explored wastewater discharge options.

At the conclusion of the stakeholder process, the executive director decided to pursue a rulemaking concept to propose more stringent effluent limitations and additional permit requirements to discharge wastewater to the contributing zone of the Edwards Aquifer within the Barton and Onion Creek Watersheds.

A draft rule was presented to the stakeholders at a meeting on September 30, 2009 and TCEQ solicited comments on the rule language and concepts in the draft rule , Comments were received by several stakeholders and are included on the Handouts page. After receiving the comments from the stakeholders, TCEQ determined not to proceed with the rulemaking. Wastewater discharge permit applications will continue to be assessed permit–by–permit.

Agendas, Summaries and Handouts from Meetings

The files linked below are in portable document format (PDF).

09/30/09 Agenda Handouts
03/26/09 Agenda Summary Handouts
01/16/09 Agenda Summary Handouts

Staff Contact

For more information, please contact April Hoh at 512-239-3567 or through our main Water Quality Division line, 512-239-4671.