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Applying for the Livestock Manure Compost General Permit WQG200000

Steps to follow to obtain coverage under General Permit WQG200000 to dispose of wastewater generated from livestock manure compost operations

Before you discharge, evaporate, or beneficially reuse wastewater from a livestock manure compost operation, you must:

A. Review your facility's compliance history ranking:

  • If your facility has a ranking of "high," "satisfactory," or "inadequate information" you may qualify for coverage under general permit WQ200000.

  • If the compliance history ranking is "unsatisfactory," then you must apply for an individual permit instead.

B. Read the General Permit WQG200000 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document to determine if it applies to your facility. If the general permit does not apply, you may need to obtain an individual permit. If it does apply, you must submit a notification package which includes:

Provisional coverage under this general permit begins 48 hours after the NOI is postmarked for delivery to TCEQ.

After TCEQ review, you will receive one of the following:

  • An Acknowledgment Letter providing authorization for coverage,

  • A Notice of Deficiency (NOD), requesting additional information with 30 days to respond;

  • A Denial Letter informing you that coverage has been denied (usually the result of information requested in the NOD not being provided).

After obtaining coverage under this permit, you will need to do the following:

  • Comply with the general permit requirements.

  • Complete all testing required by the permit. Keep testing records on site.

  • Notify us by letter if any of these changes occur:

    • You failed to submit to us any facts relevant to the decsion to approve coverage.

    • You submitted incorrect information in the Notice Of Intent.

    • Information that you had submitted changes. (If the change is a new owner or operator, you must terminate coverage as described below.)

  • Send us a Notice of Termination (TCEQ-20336) if any of these circumstances occur:

    • All discharges authorized by the permit are eliminated.

    • The operation is transferred to a new owner.

    • The operator changes.

Remember: Even if your operation no longer discharges wastewater, permit coverage will remain active until you request termination. If your coverage is active September 1 of any given year, you will owe a water quality fee for that year.

If you have questions, please see our Contact Page or e-mail us at CAFO@tceq.texas.gov.