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Reporting Requirements for Categorical Industrial Users (CIUs)

Requirements for CIUs, including monitoring, record keeping and submittal of reports.

A facility that meets the criteria of a CIU is required to comply with all federal, state, and local pretreatment requirements. To demonstrate compliance, a CIU needs to submit reports, self-monitor their wastewater discharge, and maintain records.

The following types of reports are required under 40 CFR §403.12Exit the TCEQ

  • baseline monitoring report (BMR) - must be submitted 90 days prior to discharge

  • 90-day compliance report (to verify compliance with categorical pretreatment standards) - must be submitted 90 days after discharge begins

  • periodic compliance report (at least once every six months)

  • others may include:

  • compliance schedules and reports

  • notification of potential problems, including slug loading

  • notification of process or pretreatment changes

  • notification of hazardous waste discharges

  • pollutant management plans

  • certifications

  • toxic organic management plans

The TCEQ has developed a guidance manual to assist with the reporting requirements: Reporting Requirements for Categorical Industrial Users Discharging to Publicly Owned Treatment Works without an Approved Pretreatment ProgramAdobe Acrobat PDF Document.

Monitoring Requirements

Self-monitoring of wastewater discharges for the pretreatment program must be conducted using 40 CFR Part 136Exit the TCEQ approved methods and amendments. Data needs to be collected with sufficient care to produce evidence admissible in enforcement and judicial actions.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Monitoring records and reports need to be retained by the CIU for at least three years, or longer if there is pending litigation. The records need to be available to federal, state, and local government agencies for review and copying. Periodically, the Control Authority may inspect your facility for compliance with pretreatment regulations, including record keeping.

Where do I Submit the Reports?

The required reports need to be submitted to the agency responsible for regulating the CIU’s wastewater discharges into the POTW.

  • If the POTW has an approved pretreatment program, the CIU is required to submit reports to the local POTW.

  • If the POTW does not have an approved pretreatment program, the CIU is required to report to the TCEQ Pretreatment Program.