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Establishing an Approved Wastewater Pretreatment Program: The Key Elements

Steps to follow in establishing an approved wastewater pretreatment program.

If you are required to establish an approved pretreatment program for a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, these are the key elements the publicly-owned treatment works must develop. (according to Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 403Exit the TCEQ)

  • Establish the legal authority to implement and enforce the pretreatment program;

  • Set up inspection, sampling, reporting, and other procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of the pretreatment program (through statute, ordinance, or contract);

  • Dedicate the necessary resources and qualified personnel to implement the pretreatment program;

  • Develop and enforce local limits;

  • Prepare an enforcement response plan to investigate and respond to violations of the pretreatment program;

  • Take and maintain an inventory of facilities that meet the criteria of "significant industrial user".